The Patented Deanna Protocol

The Story

Deanna Tedone’s Story

In 2009, Deanna was a 30-year-old newlywed with a baby on the way, a new house, and a hard-earned promotion as Partner of a well-known Tampa law firm. After noticing strange symptoms (tripping and falling down for no reason), her life slowly began to unravel.

After visiting doctors all over the country in search for hope, Deanna returned empty handed. Her body would quickly begin to fail her and she would likely not even see her 33rd birthday. When many would give up at this point, Deanna chose to stand tall and to fight…harder than ever. She was going to take her life back and was not going to take death for an answer.

A Father’s Mission to Save His Daughter’s Life.

Discovering the unanswered questions behind ALS.

Good thing for Deanna that Dr. Tedone (her Dad, who she inherited the feistiness from) was not going to take death for an answer either. He began to dedicate all waking hours to finding a cure for Deanna and others like her. Other physicians told him he was foolish and said he was doing Deanna more harm than good because he was giving her false hope. They told him he would help her more by accepting her death than he would by fighting it. Dr. Tedone, no stranger to going against the grain, used their negativity as fuel to motivate him to work even harder to find a cure.

He worked tirelessly to review all medical research on ALS from all over the world. What surprised him was that he identified plenty of gaps in ALS research and plenty of questions to which nobody had bothered to pursue the answer. The lack of sufficient research in the medical community for finding a solution to ALS largely stems from the fact that there is no profit in doing so.



2 Key Discoveries

The Deanna Protocol

The Deanna Protocol is a patent pending mix of three substances: Arginine and Alphaketogluterate (which together form AAKG) and Gama aminobutyric acid (GABA). These substances are made naturally in the body, but when someone has ALS, they need more of both than the body produces. This product is a natural solution to ALS, a disease that has no effective treatment or cure.


The Borrelia Bacteria

The cause of ALS is a borrelia bacterial infection that attacks the nerve cells. The bacteria is a hardy bacteria and is extremely difficult to kill. It remains in the system for life, if not treated. Most people’s immune systems are able to keep the bacteria at bay, to the point where the person experiences no symptoms at all, sometimes for decades. We recommend those starting the Deanna Protocol to get tested for the borrelia bacteria.


Deanna’s Hope

The future of ALS treatment with the Deanna Protocol

When on the Deanna Protocol, Deanna’s physical condition stopped deteriorating and she stabilized (which is unheard of in ALS patients who are progressing quickly). Deanna was doing so well on the Deanna Protocol that other ALS patients who knew her began asking Dr. Tedone to share information with them on what Deanna was taking. Others with ALS began seeing incredible results and began referring friends and writing about their improvements on ALS related blogs and websites. Word of mouth continued to spread and, now, there are over 6,000 individuals with ALS on the Deanna Protocol worldwide.

Throughout the years, Dr. Tedone and scientists at different universities have tested and improved upon the Protocol, which has given way to the Deanna Protocol that exists today: a patent pending substance with a proprietary ratio of Arginine, alpha-Ketoglutaric acid, and gamma-Aminobutyric acid. These are all substances that are naturally found in the body. However, people with ALS need more of these substances to give fuel to the Krebs Cycle (energy producing cycle) in their nerve cells, in order to keep their diseased nerve cells alive. Think of the Deanna Protocol as special fuel needed to keep the cell’s engine running when the engine is malfunctioning because of a disease.

Hope Shared | The Birth of The Deanna Protocol

Dr. Tedone developed the initial Deanna Protocol early on and began changing and perfecting it based on his research findings, his findings in Deanna, and feedback from other patients. After 11 years of development, the Deanna Protocol is where it is today and Deanna remains alive (with her disease progression stopped completely). This is 11 years after she was given 2.5 years to live.

This same formula is available for you today! Start the Deanna Protocol and experience the life-changing results.

“I buy this for my son, he tells me he can feel a difference, it does help him through the day, he is a wrestling coach and teacher. Diagnosed 6 months ago. Thank you.”

Nick W.

“I have been using the product for about 1 month I want to continue with the product I feel as my voice has more volume.”

Cathy B.

“My husband has been using Deanna Protocol for a year and a half…we both feel it has contributed to his continued energy and slowed progression.”

Cindy S.

Take Back Control

Neurodegenerative disease causes nerves to gradually, over time, lose their ability to function until the affected individual begins to lose muscular control and motor function altogether. The Deanna Protocol is proven to help maintain normal motor function and nerve function. The Deanna Protocol restores more than just life; it restores hope.

Stay on Protocol for Over 6 Months

Would Recommend the Deanna Protocol




Is the Deanna Protocol pure and natural?

The Deanna Protocol is a mix of nutrients naturally found in the body (Arginine, Alpha-ketogluterate, and gamma-Aminobutyric acid) in a proprietary ratio that studies have proven most effective. The Deanna Protocol product that we sell also contains all-natural flavoring that has been taste and sensitivity tested by Deanna and others, to ensure that the flavoring is easy on the stomach and the tastebuds! The Deanna Protocol is also pure. There are no artificial preservatives, dyes or flavorings and no unnecessary fillers, excipients, chemicals or other ingredients. The flavoring is added in addition to the Protocol, so it does not compromise the purity of the product. For example, a one scoop measurement of the protocol is measured based on the amount of active ingredient you get in that scoop. Any flavoring present in that scoop is not included in the serving measurements.

What are the risks of taking the Deanna Protocol?

The substances in the Deanna Protocol are naturally found in the body. They are not pharmaceutical drugs, like Riluzole/Rilutek, and are not foreign chemicals being introduced into the body. Taking them at the published servings should not be harmful, provided that you do not have any other medical issues that would make you sensitive to any of the substances or a combination of them and provided that there are no contraindications with substances or drugs you are already consuming. You should check with your doctor to ensure that following the protocol is safe for you, specifically.

What quality control standards do you use in manufacturing?

Our products are made in the United States in a facility that abides by the FDA’s CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) standards. The facility where we manufacture also tests all raw ingredients for purity, the presence of bacteria and viruses, heavy metals and any other substances that should not be present in the raw materials. After manufacturing, the facility also tests the finished products again to make sure they meet the same standards as the raw products. They test every batch and provide us with certificates of analysis for every batch tested. Additionally, the manufacturing facility washes equipment down after every batch, using food grade cleaners on the equipment. Then, the equipment is washed down again with water to remove the cleaners from the equipment. The manufacturing and storage facilities are also temperature and humidity controlled to ensure that the active ingredients retain their shelf life. We also manufacture in small batches, to avoid having to keep inventory on the shelves (which wears out shelf life).

What research exists to prove the Deanna Protocol’s effectiveness?

See our science page

Will my neurologist approve of me taking the Deanna Protocol?

Most are neutral toward the protocol.

Why? Physicians expose themselves to legal liability and risk having their medical licenses revoked if they recommend treatments, solutions or supplements that are not officially recognized by the medical community as “standard of care” for the disease they are treating. Regardless of what evidence may exist supporting new treatments or solutions, physicians are legally obligated to recommend only what falls within “standard of care.” The Deanna Protocol is not and may never be a part of the officially recognized “standard of care” for ALS or neurodegenerative diseases because it is extremely difficult to get non-pharmaceutical substances recognized as part of standard of care. (One reason is because it is impossible to gain FDA approval for a substance that is not a pharmaceutical, as FDA does not approve non-pharmaceuticals. Another reason is that it is also nearly impossible to get FDA recognized clinical trials

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